Sweet Ricotta Dumplings


It’s a Rainy Day…

It’s a rainy damp early summer day here…maybe a good day to spend in the kitchen experimenting with some recipes.

Now many of you may say “that’s the last thing I would do on a rainy day”.

But some of you may love the thought of filling the house with wonderful smells from the kitchen on  a day when we really don’t want to venture outside if we don’t have to.  And I guess if I had to clean or cook, I would much rather be in the kitchen.

Unique Recipe…

So if you are up to trying a really unique recipe today, this is it!  Our ricotta dumplings are definitely something you don’t have every day.

If you have made any type of dumpling before you will know the consistency you are looking for, if you have not ventured into this territory before, then I would suggest testing them with a knife or toothpick to make sure they are cooked through.

Just remember relax and enjoy the experience!

Have a great day!!

As I try to do, here are some links for some of the equipment we talk about using today…

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Sweet Ricotta Dumpling with Berry Sauce
  1. FOR THE BERRY SAUCE: Add all the ingredients to a saucepan and heat slowly until berries have cooked down. With immersion blender combine all and this will become your "pouching liquid" for your dumpling.
  2. FOR THE DUMPLING: In a mixer cream ricotta, butter, sugars, vanilla and eggs. Cream together well and add lemon zest and juice.
  3. In another bowl add the dry ingredients and whisk together, slowly add to the mixer.
  4. Combine well. You will need 2 Tablespoons to get these to the pan. With 1 spoon scoop out batter and with other spoon spread onto berry sauce. You can also use a scoop to drop batter onto berry sauce, whatever is easier.
  5. In a saucepan large enough to fit a round cooling rack in heat enough water to just barely touch the rack (this is because we want to elevate our dish with the dumplings in it).
  6. In a round pie dish (or whatever you may have that will fit on the rack) cover the bottom of the dish with the Berry Sauce and lay the dumplings on top. Cover the pan and steam for 40 minutes checking to make sure your water does not boil out (you may have to add more). You don't want to overcook these because they will just become very hard. You will know they are cooked as they begin to get a "cakey" consistency to them.
  7. To serve you can put some of the sauce down on a plate and add the dumpling, sprinkle with some powdered sugar. Add a some whip cream on the side or you could make a sweetened marscapone cheese or even sweeten up some ricotta with some lemon zest for a pretty accompaniment. Or even a scoop of ice cream. Lots of options...
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