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This is the question we ask ourselves ALL the time…some days its a “no-brainer” other days it is such a struggle to decide what to do.

We have talked about this before, busy schedules, family in so many directions, each night seems to bring a different scenario calling for a meal that might have to be eaten quickly, or at different times for family members.  Other night’s maybe it can be made ahead waiting for us in the crock pot after we get back from busy evenings at soccer or baseball games to meet around the table and be able to talk about our day.

Today’s meatloaf recipe is not a new one…I did post it a while back and just have been thinking about it.  It is a great idea for a dinner that can be eaten in “stages”.  It will not dry out and who doesn’t love leftover meatloaf??

My suggestion would be to make some mashed potatoes as a side and with a salad and/or vegetable it would be great!

If you didn’t feel like peeling all those potatoes, you could do some red skinned mashed.

Some other easy potato suggestions would be my roasted thin sliced potatoes or my Potatoes Gratin in Muffin Cups which are a great dish to have leftover too!! Or maybe some roasted fingerlings?  You can pop them in the oven when you put the meatloaf in and cook them together, quick and easy.

There is always the option of rice as well, so whether you are looking for a quick side or something to eat leftover, you have some options.

Happy Cooking!!




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  1. Mix all meatloaf ingredients together then flatten out and spread stuffing ingredients roll up jelly roll style and place on a baking sheet or in a baking pan and bake in 350 degree oven for 40-50 minutes depending on your oven.
Recipe Notes

*Variations: You can soak your bread crumbs in some red wine for a little more flavor. Also you can substitute ham and spinach for prosciutto or pepperoni with the mozzarella. You can also use any cheese you would like…

**Add a cup of Parmesan cheese to the meatloaf mix and you have a good meatball mix as well…this is a good way to make dinners for a few nights all at once!!

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