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Spinach and Mushroom Pasta

What are you having for Dinner Tonight?

We talk a lot about the busyness of life and I talk to so many people who are always looking for a quick idea for dinner.  Crock pot Meals, Soups and Easy Salads are always dinners that will fill this need for our crazy schedules.  Pasta dishes are also another great choice for a quick and easy dinner to get on the table in a short time.

A few months back we had an evening of pastas.  We had some people over and tried out several new pasta recipes.  Today we would like to share another one of those recipes.

Our Spinach and Mushroom Pasta probably is not anything new to you.  We have seen the combination of Spinach and Mushrooms quite a bit in so many recipes.  So, although we are not making any “new and exciting” discoveries today, we are just giving you another option for a great dish.

At kimmyscucina, we love to come up with new ideas, but we also just love to talk about FOOD.  Our hope is that it might spark you on as well, to come up with some ideas of your own.  As we have talked about before, you never know when the inspiration for a recipe will hit.

This is another dish that is versatile.  You can add some grilled chicken to it and complete your meal all in one dish! Switch out Spinach for another vegetable…do you have an abundance of Zucchini?  How about some roasted tomatoes tossed in, all these ideas will make it such a great dish!  Remember there are NO RULES!


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Spinach and Mushroom Pasta
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