Sloppy “Gentleman” Joe Sandwich
  1. Heat olive oil in bottom of pan you are using (I have a crock pot that I can put on the stove top so this is what I use)
  2. Cover the meat with salt and pepper and brown in the oil, turning to get both sides. Remove from pan.
  3. Add garlic and onion and sauté until tender, but not browned.
  4. Add the tomato paste, vinegar, Worcestershire, mustard, and paprika, stir around so flavors are well combined. Be careful not to burn so reduce heat while doing this.
  5. Add the wine and broth and bring to a boil, add brown sugar and soy sauce.
  6. Add meat back in and make sure it is well covered with the liquid, if not add more wine and/or broth.
  7. Put crock pot on low and cook away (or put in oven on low and cook for 1-2 hours checking frequently to make sure there is enough liquid)
  8. Shred up and put on a Roll
  9. Serve with some coleslaw (or some corn salsa) and you are all set.