Jalapeno Stuffed Burger
  1. Wash and cut jalapeno peppers in half and remove seeds.
  2. Then cut in pieces that will “fit” in the burger (this will depend on the size of your peppers).
  3. Combine cheese, cilantro and 1/2t cumin in a bowl and mix.
  4. In a large bowl add the ground beef, 2t cumin and salt and pepper and combine.
  5. Divide beef into 8 parts and then split each one.
  6. Form patties (remember one patty is going to go on top of the other.
  7. Stuff each half of pepper with cheese mixture and place on burger. We did put some extra cheese on top as well.
  8. Lay stuffed pepper on patty and cover with second one, seal edges. Grill/Griddle
  10. Mix all ingredients together EXCEPT coleslaw mix, mix well and then add coleslaw mix.
  11. Let sit at least an hour to absorb flavors (the longer it sits the better flavor will be).