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Grilled Romaine Salad

Grill My Lettuce?

Are you thinking really? Why would I do that?

Well, try this salad and then you will understand why!

This salad has so much potential!! You can use it as a side with a nice steak or you can warm up some bread and grab a glass of wine and have your salad be your MAIN COURSE. 

You have so many options with this.  Maybe use some pancetta instead of bacon? Of course blue cheese or gorgonzola can be used.  Feeling adventurous, add some shaved parmesan.   Or go with some garlic bread to accompany it.

Although I really am partial to blue cheese and gorgonzola, you could use cheddar cheese if you prefer.  (And omit from dressing as well).  I think you are giving up some amazing flavor if you choose this route…but as I say there are NO RULES!!!

Grilling season is upon us and this is definitely a recipe you want to have in your repertoire!  A great idea for a weeknight or for a weekend when you are having some people over!! It is a great last minute idea for those last minute gatherings when you are running to the store thinking what can I make!

Happy Grilling!!



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Grilled Romaine Salad
  1. Mix all the dressing together in blender or food processor…
  2. Grill Romaine quick to get nice charred pieces….assemble salad. Drizzle with dressing
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