Family Favorite Swedish Meatballs


I know I talk a lot about special foods that evoke certain memories or emotions in us.  We all have them, hopefully those memories or emotions are good.


I know I have plenty of memories with my family that would not be so good.  A memory from our early days of marriage was when we had some company spend the night and I made them breakfast in the morning.  It was burnt bacon and overdone blueberry muffins.  It seems like in those early days I could not cook bacon without burning it to a crisp.  Well, that was almost 30 years ago and thankfully, I can say I have improved in this!!  We definitely laugh about those memories now.

Always remember that even if you don’t have a “good” cooking experience you need to try again!! Don’t get discouraged, sometimes things take practice.

Oh well, I got off a little tangent there.  Today’s recipe is a family favorite of Roger’s family.  Swedish Meatballs were his dad’s favorite and this recipe is from Tracy, Roger’s sister. We had fun making these and they turned out so good!!!





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  1. Mix all the ingredients for the meatballs together. Should yield 100 "ping pong" sized meatballs.
  2. Add milk to saucepan along with ginger, nutmeg, ½ onion in one piece, (if you are using cloves, stick them in the onion), sage and thyme.
  3. Simmer until onion becomes almost soft.
  4. Remove from heat and strain, return liquid to the pan and add butter.
  5. Simmer until butter is melted, then while stirring, continue to add flour to make a roux.
  6. Cook the roux over low heat stirring continually until light golden brown.
  7. Add a TBSP of white wine and while stirring add enough broth to desired consistency.
  8. 1 cup sautéed mushrooms (in 3T butter) and sprinkle on top.
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