Cinnamon Coffee Cake

From “Bell bottoms to Tattoos”…

when you choose to take stupid stands on things…bake a cake to make all things better….

For this post I need to roll back the clock quite a few years, maybe 17 or so.  Our oldest was 7 or 8 and  begging for a pair of the then in style “Bell Bottom” Jeans.  To this day I can’t really can’t put my finger on why I dug my heels in and would not let her get a pair.  I really, deep down could probably admit it was because I did not like the style and didn’t want her to have them. There was really no big conviction or legitimate reason for creating such drama over the jeans.

It was when we headed to Michigan one weekend to shop with a good friend, who for reasons of anonymity we will call “Mary”, that my thinking on this changed.   She is such a wise woman and had to really talk to me and say “Is it really a big deal if the girl has a pair of bell bottoms?”.  She really made me realize this was not a big deal and I needed to stop my stupidity and let this one ride.  To this day every time something in our life seems to go down a bad path we usually blame it on the “bell bottom” decision.

My lesson from all of this is that life has definitely taught me to really figure out why I am saying NO to things my children ask.  And many times it is just because it is something that I don’t or wouldn’t ever want so, they shouldn’t either, right!!??  So here I am baking a cake for my kids to celebrate the individuals they are and embrace all the new things that they bring into my life that I would never experience otherwise.

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Cinnamon Coffee Cake
  1. • With a hand mixer or in a mixing bowl, cream butter, sugar and brown sugar together.
  2. • Add eggs and vanilla mix until well incorporated.
  3. • Add buttermilk, whole milk and honey.
  4. • In a separate bowl or on a piece of parchment paper, SIFT the cake flour, baking power & soda, cinnamon and salt.
  5. • Slowly add dry ingredients to the mixer and continue until well combined.
  6. • Grease and flour a tube pan and add half of the mixture.
  7. • Add topping of cinnamon and brown sugar.
  8. • Bake at 350 for 45 minutes.
  9. • Prepare Glaze and when cake is out of oven, let sit for 10 minutes then remove from pan and put on a cooling rack add half of the glaze when cake is still warm, then remainder after it has cooled.
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