Blackberry Peach Sauce with Lavender

Lets “Mix” it up

From one pot comes another, or so the saying goes something like that. But we have proven it true here.

We were cooking lamb a few nights ago and we decided to come up with a different type of gravy rather than the old mint jelly.

Now we love mint with our lamb so we wanted to keep that in the mix. We decided on a plumb and mint gravy.

The plumbs looked really good at the market so we went with it.  We halved the plumbs and took the seed out, chiffonaded the mint(chiffonade is a really fancy term for preparing a shredded or finely cut leaf) and commenced to stewing them on the stove.

Sauce, Mixer or Topping?

Right as Roger was going to add the beef stock, he said this would be a great mixer for drinks or iced tea or whatever. So He took a portion of the plumb/mint combo out and set aside.

After adding some honey and cooking it down we had a great tasting mixer. And so we have been on a “mixer Kick”

Ideas can hit at any time

Last night we went to our friends house to enjoy the outside and some vino, they have a great garden and in there was a lavender plant. Roger took some home and today we have a blackberry peach lavender mixer. A little bit of time here but well worth it. We need a few sauce pans for this one. We are going to seep the lavender in one and the peaches and berries in another before we eventually mix the two.

Let us know what you think!  Also, if you come up with any new “mixer” recipes we would love to hear about them.



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Blackberry Peach lavender mixer (or syrup or sauce or…. You get the idea)
  1. With ½ cup of water (we will add more) add the lavender and bring to boil.
  2. Once it reduces a little bit add a cup more water.
  3. Boil until reduced by half and water turns black.
  4. Turn off heat and let lavender sit in saucepan with your peeled peaches ( depending on method you chose) place in saucepan and add ¼ cup of water.
  5. Peaches will make a lot of liquid. Add blackberries vanilla and honey.
  6. Bring to a boil until it thickens a little bit, add some water if it is too thick here. We will be using our submersible hand mixer and this will thicken it up even more.
  7. Once mixed, let cool , store and refrigerate or freeze. This is great as a drink mixer, ice cream topper, a compliment to biscuits an a most wonderful addition to Pancakes and waffles.
Recipe Notes

A few things first- we will not use the skin on the peaches. You may peel them before hand, easier however (but prep time will take longer) is to take the peaches cut in half and add about ½ cup of water and get them stewing. When they are soft turn off heat and wait till the cool down. When you are able to handle them, the skin peels off effortlessly.

Sweetener- we are trying to avoid sugar altogether. Raw honey does an excellent job

Lavender- we will seep this. So think of brewing loose tea leaves here. The lavender will go into water and brought to a boil. The water will turn almost black after time and this is normal.

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1 thought on “Blackberry Peach Sauce with Lavender

  1. This sounds great next time try replacing the lavender with elderberry flowers for a whole different flavor …..making mixers the story continues lol

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