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What Makes Up a Perfect Family Dinner?


What makes a perfect family dinner?

The food?

The atmosphere?

Who is sitting around the table?

This past Saturday we had the a Family Dinner and I can say it was the “Perfect Family Dinner”.

Was the evening all “Polly-Anna” and we all just smiled and laughed and talked?  Of course not.  We hadn’t even sat down at the table and I was already warning our son of what he should not to say to our daughter when she came in from work.  (We were having a late dinner because she was working).  He was starving and the wait was really not a good thing for him.  But it was still the perfect dinner.

I know that sometimes we see pictures of gatherings and everyone laughing and having a great time and it puts this image in our heads that their lives are perfect…well I am here to let you know, we may put the pictures of the fun times but that doesn’t mean there were some rough moments in our time as well.  That’s why today, I am including some pictures of those “rougher” moments.

Time around the table in our home are times I cherish.  (I know I have said this before and it can be repeated).  Our family will never be known as a “quiet” family.  Our conversations involve a lot of emotion and usually are quite animated.



For dinner I served a Beef Bourguignon Recipe.  And if you have never made this, I would suggest you give it a try!

I do not have my own recipe for this, I pretty much just go to several recipes out there and compare and pick and choose the parts I want to include.  The recipe I used was an Ina Garten Recipe from Food Network.

It is a great recipe and would recommend this one if you would like to try it.  I did cheat a little on this though and rather than simmering it in the oven, I put it in my crock pot and let it go for a few extra hours (it was my fault because I started it too early in the day and realized it would be cooked way too soon,  I forgot we were having a late dinner, so this was my way to “slow it down”).  I have to say it still came out perfect and the flavor is so incredible.


So back to the “Family” part of our dinner.  What made it so perfect?  It was having all our children around the table…and now the addition of our son-in-law, Shane.  It is the time we can spend together, being ourselves and talking about our lives.  Just being together!!!

For all you parents out there with young children who struggle to get through the crazy meal times of pure chaos, realize this will pass quickly. But more importantly realize you are creating a time that your family will come to expect and love.  A time that will not be forgotten and memories will be made and cherished.

Through the years life ebbs and flows and there may not be too many moments to get these times together, but grab them when you can and enjoy them.  Enjoy the arguments, enjoy the banter back and forth, enjoy the memories that you will have from them.

And in our house, this is how we roll…