Dinner Menu

Menu Plan for The Week


Here we are again ready for a new week.  Do you have your plan for the week?  Do you even know what is going on this week?

Maybe you have a slow week, or maybe a crazy busy week.  Whatever you may have ahead, let us here at kimmyscucina help in a small way by planning out your dinners for the week ahead.  Again, at the end I will have a grocery list for you so you can print (or copy) and go.

This week we will be featuring some of kimmyscucina’s recipes, but we will also be including some great suggestions from other blogs.

My hope for you this week is that you will be able to use some or all of these recipes and make your week planning a little easier.  Take that extra time to enjoy with others, family or friends and make each day special in some way. Even if they are just normal ordinary days.


Let’s start the week off again with a nice salad.  It is a “Power Salad”, Chicken, Bacon, Date and Brussel Spouts Quinoa Power Salad, featured on the blog iowa girl eats.

What a great way to start the week off.  You can prepare all the components of this salad ahead of time and reheat and put together last minute if you will be making dinner in a hurry.  Don’t be intimidated with all the ingredients in this salad, it is filled with so much “goodness”!

P.S. – Cook up some extra chicken and you will be all set with dinner Wednesday night.


How about some good old Meatloaf tonight?  You can make Kimmy’s Stuffed Meatloaf, or skip the stuffing and keep it simple and a few less ingredients to buy…up to you.  Serve this with some mashed potatoes or rice, and a side of green beans.  Classic Dinner Meal.


Tonight you can use that extra chicken you cooked up on Monday.  This will make for a quick and simple meal.  For our Angel Hair with Roasted Tomatoes we are adding the cooked chicken.  I love this recipe because it is so easy and I love roasted tomatoes because they give the past so much flavor.  All you will need to go with this meal will be a nice simple salad and some bread warm bread.


Well, we are almost done with another week…how about some Orange Honey Chicken?  Grab some chicken thighs and roast them up with Honey and Orange to give them some great flavor.  Not sure if you made mashed potatoes or rice the other night, but use the leftovers or make whatever you didn’t have the other night.  Make a vegetable for your side or a salad filled with lots of raw veggies and you have a great meal.


How about a “special” meal tonight?  I say special because Shrimp is not something that we splurge on very often.  But it does go a long way when you are serving it to your family.  I love this dish for the flavors it creates.  Rice Noodles add a nice texture to the dish and combine your “meat and starch” so adds to the simplicity of the dish.  You will love our Shrimp with Rice Noodles!  As I always suggest substitute Chicken if you don’t want to use shrimp.


Watching a Football Game tonight?  Maybe just hanging out?  Invite a crowd and put on a big pot of Chili tonight.  Our recipe for the chili comes from a food blog called Lavender Macarons.  Now in this recipe she uses ground Turkey, which is great for a “low fat” option if you want.  If not replace with ground beef.  Throw some Baked Potatoes in the oven and add all the necessary sides and let the party begin!

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Grocery List

Salad Stuff – lettuce, vegetables any cheeses

Mixed Greens (Chicken/Quinoa Salad)

Vegetables as side

Potatoes (to mash)

Baking Potatoes (with chili)

Scallions (Shrimp Dish, Chili, Orange Honey Chicken)

Onion (Chili, Angel Hair Pasta)

Jalapeno (Chili)

Green Pepper (Chili)

Garlic (Chili,

9 oz Package Brussel Sprouts (Chicken/Quinoa Salad)

Shallots (Chicken/Quinoa Salad)

Avocado (Chicken/Quinoa Salad)

Lime (Shrimp with Rice Noodles)

Lemon (Angel Hair Pasta)

Oranges (Orange Honey Chicken)

Parsley (Meatloaf)

8 cups Grape Tomatoes (Angel Hair Pasta)

Medjol Dates (Chicken/Quinoa Salad)

Chicken Breasts (Chicken/Quinoa Salad, Angel Hair Pasta)

Chicken Thighs (Orange Honey Chicken)

Bacon (Chicken/Quinoa Salad)

2 lbs ground turkey (Chili) *or ground beef

2 lbs ground beef (Meatloaf)

Quinoa (Chicken/Quinoa Salad)

Chicken Broth (Chicken/Quinoa Salad, Chili)

Shrimp (Shrimp Rice Noodles)

Diced Tomatoes (Chili)

Kidney Beans (Chili)

White Beans (Chili)

Tomato Paste (Chili)

Chili Powder (Chili)

Cayenne Pepper (Chili)

Cumin (Chili)

Oregano (Chili)

Cocoa Powder (Chili)

Brown Sugar (Chili)

Sour Cream (Chili)

Cheddar Cheese (Chili)

Mozzarella (Meatloaf)

Ham (Meatloaf)

Goad Cheese (Chicken/Quinoa Salad)

Apple Cider Vinegar (Chicken//Quinoa Salad)

Dijon Mustard (Chicken/Quinoa Salad)

Real Maple Syrup (Chicken/Quinoa Salad)

Soy Sauce (Shrimp and Rice Noodles)

Fish Sauce (Shrimp and Rice Noodles)

Sesame Oil (Shrimp and Rice Noodles)

Sweet Cooking Seasoning (Shrimp and Rice Noodles)

Bread Crumbs (Meatloaf) – Red Wine to soak bread crumbs in

Italian Seasoning (Meatloaf, Angel Hair Pasta)

1 lb of Angel Hair Pasta (Angel Hair Pasta)

Honey (Orange Honey Chicken)