What’s For Dinner?

Happy Monday Everyone!

Kimmyscucina has been busy traveling so the kitchen has been pretty quiet, but this week we are going to MAKE SOME NOISE…(I have been at too many baseball games this last week, sorry).

This week we will be making our Tomato Sauce.  We usually get 10-12 bushels of tomatoes and spend a day just making sauce and getting it canned.  It is an exhausting day but a lot of fun.  We love all the sauce we have for the coming year.  We will be sure to post some pictures and contact us and let us know if you do anything like this as well!

Dinner This Week…

As you think about dinners this week I would love to give you some links here for some meals and ideas.  I know many of you are gearing up for school to start and probably you are already running around with sport’s practices in the evenings.


Monday – How about some Orange Honey Chicken?  This isn’t the first time you have heard about this dish, we love to cook it in kimmyscucina because it is so easy and filled with such great flavor.  Chicken Thighs are great to cook with because they stay moist and don’t dry out.


Tuesday – Well, like they say it’s Taco Tuesday…you don’t need a recipe here but maybe change them up a little with a homemade salsa and guacamole?  How about some corn salsa or mango salsa?  Maybe even some shrimp or fish tacos?  All easy and rather quick to prepare.


Wednesday – How about some Swedish Meatballs Tonight?  A dish that will take a little time to prepare, but you will love the finished product.  Make extra and you can have them leftover for lunch tomorrow.


Thursday – Chicken with Swiss and Mustard Glaze I love this Chicken Dish.  Now I know you have to be a fan of Mustard to like this dish, so if you are, this is one to try!! If not maybe you could try our Crock Pot Roasted Chicken This is a great dish because as we all know we love CROCK POT dishes, they are great for days when we have so much to do!


Friday – Orecchiette Pasta with Basil, Lime and Pistachios, sounds like a complicated dish, but is really so easy and you can accompany it with some steaks and you a salad and you are all ready for a family meal or a nice meal for company.  It is Friday, so invite some friends over and enjoy!!