In A Moment

Dinner Tonight will be In A Moment…

Still thinking about dinner tonight?  Well here you go…Another quick idea that does not need a recipe but will spark you on to make a decision and plan it out.

Tonight for dinner, why not try some Grilled Steaks, Red-Skinned Potatoes and Green Beans.  Set the table outside, invite some people over and prepare this easy meal.  You can spend a few minutes putting out some candles and some cloth napkins.  Maybe even some place mats or a tablecloth.  Then you can have time to sit and visit while you are preparing the meal.

This creates such a great atmosphere for you to relax and just enjoy each other’s company.

As you prepare the Steak, it is pretty easy a little salt and pepper and throw it on the grill…

For the potatoes, I like to cut them in half and boil them for a little bit of time.  Then I put them in a bowl with some olive oil, salt & pepper and some Italian seasonings and put them on the grill until they get crispy.

For this meal I just steamed our green beans.  If you are feeling adventurous you could put them in some parchment paper and foil.  Then drizzle some olive oil and seasoning on them and put them on the grill for a bit.  Just be careful that they don’t burn.

If you are feeling like you would like more food, make a salad.  This meal could use a salad that has some stronger flavors, maybe some blue cheese, or feta cheese (maybe a nice Greek salad).  All your other dishes are pretty basic so a “strong” salad would make it perfect.    If you want to keep it all on the grill try our Grilled Romaine Salad.

In a Moment

I have been thinking lately about the phrase “In A Moment”.  In a moment life can change so much.  In our house we have had a few of these “moments” lately that have definitely defined our children’s lives and the direction they will go.

We have had our oldest get married and our son move on from college to the beginning of his lifelong dream of a baseball career.  What got me thinking along these lines was a devotional that was reminding us that these “Big Moments” are made up of many little moments.

As I think about this I also think about each day and how I need to live moment by moment, day by day, and recognize God’s hand in these little moments each day and see his work in my life.  I hope today you can stop for a bit and recognize a “moment” here or there…