Dinner Menu

A Birthday Dinner Menu


But Before the Wedding…A Birthday Celebration

Today I would like to share a Birthday Dinner menu with you.

Not sure how you decide on Birthday dinners in your house?  But here we let the one having the Birthday pick the menu.

Last week it was Shane, who will be marrying our Hannah Girl in a few weeks. So before the Big Day, we will celebrate his birthday.

As an aside, let me just say that people keep asking me if I am ready for this wedding and my answer has become, I DON’T KNOW…(maybe not that harshly).  I really think that I keep feeling like it is something that is going to happen in the future and I am really not prepared for the reality of all that this means…giving our Firstborn away to another man, moving away from home to a new “home”…ok enough of those thoughts for now…first the birthday dinner.

The Menu

Shane requested Lamb, Pesto Pasta and Lava Cakes…he said I could fill in the rest.

Lamb and Love…

Funny Story is that a few days before dinner I got a text from Shane asking if we could change the meat to Chicken or Steak, I said sure and then it hit me that Hannah did not care for Lamb…and I asked the question, Are you changing it because of Hannah? (True Love)… Well you probably already know the answer to that one…YUP.  Well we made Lamb, and I may have added in some Chicken just for anyone else who might not be a fan of the Lamb.

For the Lamb we suggest small Lamb Chops and you can rub them with salt and pepper and some seasonings and put them in a hot cast iron skillet that has been in the oven for about 15 minutes, then cook them for about 15 minutes.  Roger also prepared an amazing Peach/Mint Sauce to go over the chops.  It was really good.

You never know when inspiration for another recipe will hit…

He used peaches, mint, some honey and beef broth.  As he did this sauce we began to think about drink mixers…(minus the beef broth of course).  So be sure to check out our post soon to come on some different ideas for a mixer in cocktails.

The Chicken was pretty simple, you would use a bone-in chicken thigh, place a slice of lemon under the skin and season it with salt and pepper and some lemon juice over top and then bake in a 350 degree oven.  So easy and quick to prepare.  Everyone loved them!

The Pesto Pasta was really easy, you can make your own pesto or buy pesto up to you!!! (the price of pine nuts is outrageous these days).

I also made a salad with some crispy pancetta, blue cheese and an oil and vinegar dressing and some asparagus to round out the meal.

The Lava Cakes were not my best showing…they were very thin, I really needed to triple the recipe although I doubled it to make 12 but they were 12 small ones.  They tasted really good but could have been thicker.  You can find quite a few great recipe ideas on Pinterest for the Lava Cakes.