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What’s For Dinner?

What’s For Dinner?

How many times a day do you hear that question?  Or if your family is all grown up, how many times a day DID you hear that question?

When my kids asked me that continually, the answer was usually FOOD.

The thing is they don’t realize that it’s a question we (as the person who plans and prepares the meals) ask ourselves, EVERY DAY!!!!!  Let’s face it, it can be OVERWHELMING.

How can I make everyone happy?

There are times when you feel like you are just trying to please everyone with what you make and you are just out of ideas.  For me, this happens all the time.  In our house the dynamic is changing so much, with now having adult and older children that have work and life schedules, that many nights it is just Roger and I for dinner.

Last night I had taken some Chicken Thighs out (boneless).  I have an abundance of chicken in the freezer and need to use it up.  Well when I got the “What’s for Dinner?” question from Roger, he was not feeling the chicken.  In days past with all the kids, we would have had the chicken, but last night we put it back in the freezer and went out for dinner.  It is a whole different dynamic when you can make those kind of decisions.  It was nice. (I think I will take chicken out for dinner more often).

Today, let’s talk about a dinner idea that can be for a weeknight dinner or a weekend dinner, with some guests.

How about some ideas…

First let’s talk about a few appetizers if you are having guests.  I have been experimenting with BACON and Appetizers and over the past few weeks have made a couple of things and would like to share with you today, and then a great suggestion for dinner is one that has already been posted and has been doing very well on Pinterest,  Carmelized Short Ribs (click on link here to see that recipe).

A couple quick appetizers…Bacon and Cheese you can’t go wrong

As far as the appetizers go a few quick ideas for some great appetizers are Bacon and Goat Cheese Wrapped Figs and a Bacon Wrapped Radish with Blue Cheese.  I am beginning to experiment with radishes and I was quite happy with this one!

Bacon and Goat Cheese in Figs

For the Bacon and Goat Cheese Wrapped Figs it is pretty simple, you want to get the pit out of the fig is this has not been done, and stuff it with some Goat Cheese (if you want you can flavor it with some lemon zest) and then wrap the fig with 1/2 a piece of bacon.  Throw it in the oven for about 10-15 minutes until bacon is cooked and then drizzle the figs with some honey and you have a quick appetizer.

Radish wrapped in Bacon with Blue Cheese

As for the Radishes, First you want to mix 1/2 a block of softened cream cheese with 1 cup of blue cheese.  Cut the radish in half and carefully scoop out the middle so there is enough room for some of the cheese mixture.  Then wrap radish with 1/2 a piece of bacon and again cook until bacon is done 10-15 minutes.  There you go…another quick and easy Appetizer!

I have actually really been enjoying the cream cheese/blue cheese mixture, we have been putting it on some celery for a great snack (AND another great quick appetizer) and I also add some lemon zest to the mixture and have been making my own Blue Cheese Stuffed Olives for our cocktails…(I am a bit addicted).  Oh well, let me know if you want any details on those I would be happy to share them!

Happy Cooking and please be sure to check out all our recipes (here or on Pinterest @kimmyscucina) when you are struggling to answer the “What’s for Dinner?” question that seems to come up EVERY DAY!!