How to Plan a Bridal Shower

All That Planning

Well, hard to believe the Bridal Shower is here and gone.  Glad to say it was a success.

Today, I would like to share a bit about our planning and menu for the Bridal Shower.  For anyone planning a party, I thought we would share our menu.

When I sit down to plan a party I always get so overwhelmed trying to come up with a menu…YES I DO!!! So for all of you out there that feel the same way, it happens to all of us.  I think for me it is too many great choices and I can’t make a decision on which one.

I am great for getting the ball rolling when I plan a party, I get all the preliminary stuff thought through, date, time (this will really determine the menu), ordering invitations or getting invites out depending on the occasion.  Then I come to a screeching halt and run into the roadblock of the menu and decorations (if needed).

For Hannah’s shower it all came together quite well.  Tina, Shane’s Mom offered to help me and when I found out she loved to do decorations, I was so excited! She also helped with the food and I am so thankful for all she (and Seth 🙂 ) did.





For the Shower we were having it in the afternoon so we decided on just finger/snack foods.  This to me is the hardest party to plan sometimes because the options are ENDLESS….but decisions were made…

Here was our menu:

Vegetable Sticks in Cups with Veggie Dip on the Bottom – These are great for quick grabbing, I love the idea!

Cucumber Rolls with Hummus and Sun dried Tomato Pesto on Top – I didn’t try one of these but will say they looked cute but were a bit of a pain to make, only because I had a hard time getting the peels.  I used the long thin cucumbers and should have used the larger ones.  I should also note that I had forgotten about these and was trying to do them at the last minute, which was probably why I felt the way I did about them. (Just being real).

Tortilla Roll Sandwiches – These were so good!! One of Tina’s contributions.  They were like a little Italian Sub in a tortilla roll.

Antipasto Skewers – We did 2 different kinds.  One was with Mozzarella, Prosciutto and a Sun dried Tomato, the other was Mozzarella Ball, Tomato and Basil.  I reduced down some Balsamic Vinegar so that is was syrup and we drizzled that over the top and they were a hit!

Hot Appetizers in Won ton Shells– We filled the won tons with 3 different things…First we did one filled with a meatball, sauce and mozzarella, the second one was filled with some fig jam, brie and bacon and the third one was filled with a buffalo chicken and topped off with extra blue cheese (actually as I write this we were going to chop up some celery and sprinkle on top and totally forgot until now…) Celery would have added a nice little crisp crunch to this…will have to try next time.

I made the won ton shells the day before and we filled them early on the day of the shower with the stuff (except the meatball ones, we added hot sauce as they came out of oven, for fear of them getting too soggy).  We cooked them covered at 350 to heat and had success with the shells not becoming too crisp and filling not becoming too soggy.


We knew we didn’t want a cake so we just had a  few finger type desserts…

Fruit Skewers with a Fruit Dip – Our fruit Dip was Cream Cheese, Confectionery Sugar and Marshmallow Creme, YUMMMM

Rice Crispy Bars in Heart Shapes – we dipped half of them in Pink tinted white chocolate and drizzled them with some white chocolate. Olivia did a great job decorating these!! (Check out Pinterest for these)

Mini cakes with lime frosting – Olivia made this cake and we had some ideas, but as we were deciding how we wanted them to look I dug out my decorating box and we used 2 flower cookie cutters, graduated sizes and we made the cakes a double layer with a layer of raspberry jam in the middle.  We finished them off with a Whipped Cream/Cream Cheese/Confectionery Sugar/Lime Frosting with some lime zest and they were delightful.