Chicken, Salad

Family Dinner

My heart is full…well almost…

Yesterday we had a long overdue family dinner.

Although Zach couldn’t be here, so we weren’t quite complete, we did have all the girls and in addition we are now adding significant others to the mix as well.  Joining us were Shane, Hannah’s fiance, and Dan, Olivia’s boyfriend.







Roger was in his glory, not only did he have his girls all around the table but also had some male company as well.  Because of Zach’s schedule with school and baseball is so crazy he is rarely home.




Our weeks have been crazy and for over a month, I do not think we have had many dinners where we actually have sat down at the table.  This is so unusual for us.  We have always tried to make it a point to be home and have dinners together.  Lately though, it seems Roger is traveling, I am working and someone is not coming home until later because of school stuff or work, or life so we have not had chance to connect.

So a few days ago I said ENOUGH, we need to get everyone around the table.  And we thought about our weekend and found a 2 hour window where we could get all the girls in the house at the same time and we said BE THERE!!!  We were glad that the guys could make it as well.

On the menu for our family dinner was…

Baked Chicken Thighs dipped in Buttermilk and Eggs, with Parsley Ginger Pesto (Recipe coming)

Twisted Biscuits,

Mashed Potatoes

Roasted Butternut Squash,

Salad with Strawberries, Bacon, Gorgonzola with a Shallot, Honey Dressing

and finally for dessert…

Chocolate Custard (Recipe coming). 

We are so thankful for these times when we can get them!! We become more thankful for dinners like this because we know how few they are becoming!!

Always remember it doesn’t have to be a complicated menu, just time spent around the table together, talking, laughing and maybe even some arguing.  Great memories.