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Fennel and Radish Stuffed Tomato

Fennel and Radish Stuffed Tomato

There has been something going through my mind a lot lately,  “Life is Messy” (or as Roger recently re-named it,  “Life is Real”),  “Living Outside of the Box”. I am not sure if your mind goes where my mind goes when I hear this, but here is my thinking.

For many years we have thought about things being a certain way in our lives and our children’s lives.  Well, this doesn’t always go as planned and we are realizing sometimes what we think and what is meant to be are two different things. God has a much bigger plan and He is in control.   We are learning to rest in this truth.  Now you have my thought for the day…

Just take each day at a time…


Today we have another salad that is “outside the box” and we have “stuffed” it into a tomato. This will make a great lunch or dinner accompaniment.

I love the crunch of fennel and radish and the “freshness” that these tastes create. There is a great melding of flavors with this salad and I know you will enjoy every bite.







Fennel and Radish Stuffed Tomato


2T Greek yogurt

1T Lemon Juice


¼ cup Radishes (cut in matchsticks)

½ cup Mushrooms

½ bulb Fennel

¼ cup Pistachios

2T Shallots

¼ cup Blue Cheese

2 Large Tomatoes

Kosher Salt and Pepper







  • Mix Greek yogurt, lemon juice, tarragon and salt and pepper together in bowl and set aside.
  • In a bowl add the radishes, mushrooms, fennel, pistachios, shallots and blue cheese.
  • Mix the dressing with the salad ingredients and let it sit.
  • Cut off top of tomato and hollow it out. Rinse and get all seeds out, turn upside down to drain.
  • Put filling in and serve.
  • You can top with some sprouts for decoration and a little extra something if you desire.