Happy Wednesday

Hello Wednesday, the day before Thanksgiving…so hard to believe.


My hope and prayer for you is that you are able to sit back and enjoy your time with your family and/or friends in the coming days and weeks. Enjoy all the traditions that you have created, or create new ones if you are just starting out on your own or embarking in a new phase of your life.


For us, this Thanksgiving is going to be a fairly quiet one, just 12 of us around the Thanksgiving table, and no overnight guests… a big change from the 25 or so we had last year with many of them being from out of town so we had such a great time with a house full for the whole weekend. We will miss all the craziness but will take time to enjoy this season of “quietness” and we will still have plans for our usual big meal, just in smaller quantities.


Roger and I always have the tradition of going to Whole Foods to pick up our Turkeys and finish our grocery shopping on the Tuesday before Thanksgiving this usually is preceded with breakfast at a cute little restaurant “Le Chatelaine” in Worthington. Then Wednesday, the cooking and prep will begin…so here we are at that stage…let the craziness of the day begin.


This year’s menu will include a few different varieties of ravioli, so that is the bigger part of today’s project. The traditional Thanksgiving Day menu items (many with a few twists as you have read from previous posts), and then the fun of dessert…Livi began her baking yesterday with apple pies (gluten-free), and will finish up today with pumpkin whoopee pies (she is trying these for the first time this year). Gabby will be making some yummy candy apple slices. Roger will be making his baklava and I will be looking forward to trying the pumpkin tart with that great piecrust. Roger’s sister Tracy will make her breads and I am not sure yet what Hannah will be doing…probably just be there. I love all the excitement and busyness in the house on days like this! I love the laughing and music and fun of the day, this makes all the work barely noticeable!


One more small detail of the day will be awaiting Zachary’s return home from school early this afternoon. A mother’s heart is always so full when all her children are home.


I hope you all have a wonderful weekend. I will not be posting anything until Saturday when we share our day with you.


We would LOVE it if you would share your day with us as well tell us how you cooked your turkey (we know of several friends who are going “non-traditional” and are excited to see some pictures). Also, let us know some of your traditions and favorite foods.


Enjoy your day!!