Saturday Morning Coffee with Kimmy


Grab your coffee on this rainy morning and let’s talk about entertaining…

(Our featured picture here was our view having morning coffee in Rockport a few weeks ago when we were in Boston).

Waking up to this weather this morning means Roger and I will not be taking our usual Saturday morning hike.

When I think about a rainy Saturday I think, maybe some chili, some soup and some company!! Wouldn’t it be a great day to put on a few pots of some hearty soups, maybe even some chili, maybe even some baked potatoes in the oven and have a baked potato/soup party!!


I know having people over can be very overwhelming for some because you don’t think that you are equipped to do it…let me tell you that you can!!! Don’t be intimidated because your house is not clean, or perfect or the right set up, people don’t care, they are there for the company, for the fun of being together.


Roger and I have never let those things stand in the way of a good party! I can remember our younger days (28 years ago) living in a tiny condo, with a kitchen and living room on the main floor, and we would have 12-15 people over for dinner. We put up tables in our kitchen and just had a good old time!!!


The only thing I can say about those days though was that I would never have had anyone over if my house was not spotless (haha). Those days have changed drastically!! Anyone is welcome at our house anytime, but I will always tell you, things will probably be FAR from perfect. I have come to realize that’s not what it is all about. I just want people to come to my home and feel welcome and warm and relaxed!!!


Having a party doesn’t have to be exhausting or overwhelming. You can have everyone bring something if you don’t feel comfortable making a lot of food…but things like soups and chili can really be a way to have many people over without a lot of work or expense. Maybe even make it fun and do some grilled cheese sandwiches…be creative and get different breads/cheeses/meats/veggies and have a grilled cheese bar…so easy and people can make their own sandwiches if you have a big griddle.


The ideas and possibilities are endless, so let your imagination run, or ask me I would be happy to give you some suggestions!!!! But just go out on a limb and maybe outside your comfort zone a little, there are many people out there that you know that would love to have an evening visiting with you! I think because we are all so busy, we think everyone else is busy too and we really don’t realize how very lonely people are for fellowship with other people. I know we are about to go into such a crazy time of the year, but maybe you will have that evening when you just are feeling like some company and let’s not forget about those long winter nights in January when the thought of guests is a welcome reprieve.