Milk Street Thanksgiving

It is hard to believe that we are talking about Thanksgiving. I don’t know about you but, as usual, it has crept up on me and now here it is just about a week away. I wanted to share these with you because I know many of you are preparing your lists and making your menus.  Okay so I hope you are ready for a whirlwind review of our Milk Street Thanksgiving.  It is a quick one, but I just wanted to give you a preview of the great ideas that they gave us, I hope you will click on their link and check out all of the recipes!!

On the menu

“Brown Ale Turkey and Gravy”

“Classic Herbed Stuffing”

“Sweet Potato Gratin with Vanilla Bean and Bay Leaves”

Here we are back at the Milk Street to talk about Thanksgiving.   We talked about dessert last week, so lets back track now and talk about our dinner.

Let’s talk Turkey.  How many times have we heard that line.


In our house for many years we have always “brined” our turkey, which I might add, some years has been quite an adventure always making sure we had ice and coolers to put them in…but the result has always been worth it, a very moist turkey!!!

Another practice for us in our “brining years” has been that we do not stuff our turkey with the stuffing, we always put aromatics in it like onions, fresh herbs and apples. We always felt this helped the turkey to not become too dry.

Well, we were very excited when we learned about the “Brown Ale Turkey” at the Milk Street. We loved this and the turkey was so moist and the gravy was so flavorful!!!


Next up is the stuffing. I love the stuffing, it definitely is one of my favorites at the Thanksgiving Table. Of course I love anything that I can drown in gravy. With a little homemade cranberry relish on the side…yummy!!!



For this recipe the base consists of shallot/herb/butter paste that you make to mix with the bread.   It is so amazing and just gives it such great flavor. Just an FYI you can use this recipe and stop before actually making the stuffing and you will have some great croutons that would compliment many different salads or soups!!


The “Sweet Potato Gratin with Vanilla Bean and Bay Leaves” is definitely a “must try” twist on your usual sweet potato casserole. The flavor of the vanilla bean and the bay leave just give it a little something different and then the crusty sugar on top gives it that sweetness we all expect from a sweet potato dish at Thanksgiving.

I am hoping my family loves this as much as my sweet potatoes in orange cups that have always been the tradition around our table…I haven’t told the kids that I am trying something new this year…I may have to begin to prepare them now.

Who knows I may break down and double up on the sweet potatoes, I don’t want to disappoint the kids…we all know how much the traditions mean to us and sometimes we just have to keep them up. But I know they will love this new dish as well.