The Dreaded Pie Crust

Please ask me to do anything else for you but a pie crust. It has always been something that I avoid at all costs!! And yes, I have bought a pie crust…but now that is about to change!!!

Ok, so we have the pie crust, but we know this is just the beginning of a great dessert (or savory dish if that’s the direction you are going) but today is dessert, so let’s talk about pairing it with pumpkin and making a tart that will also change the way you think about pumpkin “pie”. Roger, who has never really been a fan of pumpkin pie, said this definitely rocked his world. As I mentioned in yesterday’s post when you top it with the whipped cream with some honey and orange zest it is amazing!!!

For the recipes I will be sharing with you from Milk Street Cooking School I will be just putting a link for you to get to the recipe! That way you can go directly to the source!! Now although I will be sharing more of our experiences with the other recipes in days to come you can see a full menu from this link!


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2 thoughts on “The Dreaded Pie Crust

  1. Dont like Pumpkin Pie, Never really did…but this RECIPE?????? WOW! I love it. We will be having Pumpkin Pie this Thanksgiving

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