Can I share my weekend with you?


This week at kimmyscucina, let’s talk less about recipes, and more about what makes a recipe “a recipe”. Don’t worry there will be a recipe or two coming your way. Is your coffee poured? Let’s sit and chat.

This weekend found us in Boston at Christopher Kimball’s Milk Street Cooking School. We have long been fans of Christopher Kimball and have loved his recipes and cooking tips over the years, so I was excited to learn about this new venture and more excited to learn that we could participate in a cooking class there.

The kitchen is located on a great little Boston Street called Milk Street and the building that he utilizes is a space on the ground floor of the old Flour and Grain Exchange building. It was such a beautiful transition from seeing the old building outside to walking into the crisp clean new feel of the culinary environment that we would spend our next 4 hours learning in the most enjoyable way.

It was there that we met our cooking instructors for the day, Rosie, Erin and Liz, warm, friendly faces that were so inviting and enthusiastic to share their cooking knowledge with us. Our focus for the day was “Thanksgiving at Milk Street” and it was presented as “a classic Thanksgiving meal with a Milk Street twist”. We both agree they definitely nailed it.

Now this cooking class would differ from any others because not only did we learn about new ways to make some classic dishes, but we also learned so much about food enhancers and theories and how we make them work with our recipes. We learned that using fish sauce is a great way to enhance the flavor in a recipe and you would never taste anything “fishy”.   We learned that flavors and textures are so important when we are preparing a dish or meal to make sure that our senses are satisfied in every way and how this contributes to our food experience (we will learn more about this later in the week). I learned that I can really get enthusiastic about making a pie crust, because that was definitely something that I have never looked forward to doing (and most times did not). I also learned that I am able to add honey and orange zest to whipping cream before I whip it up, oh wow, so good…recipe coming this week. Our time was well spent and we cannot wait to be able to return for some more classes in the coming months.

Get on the their website and learn all about them 177milkstreet.com. Subscribe to their newsletter and also please consider subscribing to their magazine it is awesome! Tell then kimmyscucina sent you.


3 thoughts on “Can I share my weekend with you?

  1. OK Kim, I will take it in good faith that I can feel ‘enthusiastic’ about making a pie crust from scratch~ I’ll be waiting with bated breath for that blog entry!… I hate to let Mrs. Pillsbury down tho… 😀

  2. OK Kim.. I’ll take it in good faith that I can feel enthusiastic about making dreaded homemade pie crust..
    I’ll be waiting with bated breath for that blog entry!
    I hate to let Mrs Pillsbury down tho…we’ve been such close friends for years!! 😀

  3. ok so learning curve…if I don’t see the comment I posted immediately…. it doesn’t mean it’s not forthcoming :-%

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